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TABS utilizes a combination of automated and manually verified processes to conduct a thorough audit of every freight invoice submitted for payment. All invoices come into the TABS freight payment center, where they are audited and checked for accuracy. TABS’ highly trained auditing staff will identify any discrepancies in the amount you are being billed versus what you truly owe based on the terms of your pricing agreement. Invoices that have been validated are approved for payment. Those that are incorrect are amended with a notation highlighting the discrepancy and approved for payment.

TABS works with over 10,000 domestic and international transportation carriers. Our comprehensive auditing capabilities include motor and rail, as well as import and export by air and steamship. Auditing of couriers such as UPS, FedEx and DHL is completely electronic and provides package level detail (PLD). As a result, our clients realize significant, measurable savings on their shipping costs.




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