Delivering Huge Time Savings to Accounts Payable.

TABS freight payment service eliminates the burden of manually handling, posting and paying a multitude of individual freight invoices. Instead of having to audit and approve hundreds of separate freight invoices, TABS does all that for you.

Your carriers submit their freight invoices directly to us either electronically or by mail. After verifying the accuracy of each and every freight invoice, TABS consolidates all approved expenses into one convenient weekly invoice, complete with all the supporting details. One invoice means you only have to make one payment, and we disperse the individual payments to each of your carriers.

By eliminating the need to issue and reconcile multiple payments, TABS freight payment service delivers huge time savings to your accounts payable department. It also reduces the expense of multiple phone calls and mailing costs. TABS expedites the payment of all domestic and international transportation invoices, whether they’re UPS, FedEx, DHL, motor, import and export, or air and sea.

We also handle all payment inquiries from carriers, saving you time having to research the status of freight invoices. Carriers benefit from secure online access too, because they can instantly check the status of their specific freight invoices.



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